Leslie Chertok | MA, LMHC

Innovative Coach & Consultant for Visionaries


I stand for innovation with roots, evolution through laughter, and connection with purpose.

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“Some facilitators create transformational magic, and some teach with great skill.  Leslie does both and more, collaborating on the deepest level to bring forth your essence practice and support your easeful unfolding. I highly recommend you get as much time and coaching with Leslie as you can.” – Kathylyn Hendricks, Ph.D., BC-DMT

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A path to fuller vibrancy, love, and play for therapists, their clients and anyone committed to evolutionary thriving.

wild, noun, def:  Living aligned with nature.  Free to express your fullest, richest self.   Connected, embodied, intuitive, authentic, and vibrant.

conscious, adj, def:   Mindful.   Aware of one’s existence, inner experience, and external impact.   Attuned to the wholeness, rhythm, and ecstatic dance of life.