Kind Words

Leslie Chertok is a master facilitator. Her ability to tune in and meet the needs of the group as she guides the process allows for a fun time of expansive learning. Leslie has a gift for setting the learning context in a playful manner while engaging her audience in content that ranges from simple to complex. Thus, easeful learning while having fun is my experience of her workshops.
Nickie Golden, Ph.D. Psychologist

…from the moment we started, my session was different than I expected. Leslie noticed what I was doing, all kinds of non-verbal stuff. She followed her curiosity and asked me gentle, open-ended wondering questions in ways that generated curiosity in me too! She took me past my usual story of How It Is into brand new territory. I had the most amazing, AHA moment.
Susan Gillespie, Ph.D. Portland, Oregon

Through her presence and feedback, Leslie inspires the discoveries that change everything.
Rhonda Mills, Transformational Guide, Yoga Teacher, Playful Explorer

I experience Leslie to be a master at reading and following energy and information. Our work together has been hugely beneficial for me. Leslie was able to bring to light certain threads of information that created a whole new context for me to understand and appreciate my own genius. And, her manner in delivering what she sees and senses is incredibly open and gentle, inviting wonder and appreciation. I feel excited to consult with Leslie to explore issues where I am wanting to make decisions and create new possibilities for myself.
Elizabeth Hunter

Since taking your workshop Breath and Truth, I have noticed myself saying YES more often. Breathing YES into my body feels good and brings me to an opportunity to be YES. Truth and where it sits in my body is more difficult for me, and as usual the universe is giving my ample opportunities to allow my Truth to be known or not. Thank you for giving me a YES to life!
Susan Pitiger RN

Leslie – your attention is like a laser – precise and bright. When you shine on me, I feel seen, sometimes almost uncomfortably so. I know that what wants deeper awareness will get it. Your sensitive presence misses nothing, your keen intellect connects it all together, and your body wisdom lands it solidly, now. You are a call to integrity. With you, I know I’ll always realign and take a meaningful step (or two or three).
Laureli Shimayo, Coach


I loved my session with Leslie. I felt fully heard and seen. She noticed qualities of my energetic self that felt both new to me and familiar. That is an art. Leslie’s warmth opened me to communicate from a very deep level. If you want to connect with and celebrate your energetic essence, I highly recommend Leslie as your guide…
Michael Dougherty


Being with Leslie is easy, relaxed, fun and playful. Her presence is an invitation to play and discover with ease. I was exploring some pain issues in my body and her intuitive impulses were spot on and guided me effortlessly to healing, releasing some very old patterns. Her guidance and the things she shared were offered without attachment so I felt free to receive or pass and create my own experience all while being loved by her. I appreciate Leslie’s intuition and mastery of coaching skills – the combo in her presences is awesome.
Sarah Carr (Leadership & Development Coach)

Your Breathe and Truth workshop was my kind of learning experience – I love receiving simply yet profound tools in a relaxed and friendly circle, then pairing up to practice and experience how they really work. Since this belief workshop, I am much more aware of (and enjoying) how breath, movement and feelings all dance together inside my body. I undulate now while I type at my computer, then pause to get more deeply in touch with my truth before I type on! Love having the handouts, too, to use and share.
Kristina Turner

The informal way we were able to discuss what might work, how to use these techniques both personally and with clients. I also appreciated your modeling of how you respond to people’s experiences using these techniques. Enjoyed it very much, thank you!
Christine Bisek

I also really appreciated how you embody mindfulness and that came across in all of your responses throughout the day. Loved it! It gave me the tools to set my world back to right again. Gave me tools to use with my ladies at the prison. It’s so simple and yet so powerful! Thank you for doing this work.
Vicki L. Johnson

I am so grateful to you for giving me tools to heal. Your energy, your love, and the knowledge you shared about the importance of breathing changed my life. I now understand the mechanics of losing my breath and how to get it back. I have been having hair trigger panic attacks since I got shot 11 years ago. It has interfaced with my life for so long I forgot what it was to have control over my body or to be able to breath!

I am now beginning to breathe and allow my body to return to health. No one has ever treated me with the respect, understanding, and empathy that I felt from you. Thank you for being so truly present. You are a very safe person to open up to and share with.

I have been working on the “breath of life”. It has allowed for a very powerful, profound and consciousness altering experience. Finally, I have tools to help clear the negativity and fear, which is (of course) the source of all imbalance. I can clearly see that by striking at the root, soon there will be no need to stop an attack because there will be no reason for an attack to occur in the first place. I look forward to becoming “sans panic” as I grow and implement the breathwork that heals.

Your teaching methods in the WONTU gathering started a healing process that sent me into hyperspeed healing mode, with realization after realization and the ability to take my power back! I thank you with all my heart for doing the Good Work that you do.

May the forest continue to be with you.
Robin Minichini

My session with Leslie felt like I traveled through an entire lifetime of experience, emotion and transformation. Held by Leslie’s enormous capacity of love, I invited once deeply hidden parts of me out to the surface for attention and love. Within our hour session, I transformed more than most people do in a lifetime.
Carey Dodson AIA (Dodson Design)

I just wanted to tell you again how grateful I am for sharing with our WONTU group on Sunday.

I so appreciate your energy, honesty, depth, integrity, gentleness, light and joy.

Would be delighted to see you again.

Bright Blessings.
Shari Hart